Relyence User Guide

Entering NPRD and EPRD Parts

You can insert NPRD/EPRD devices into your reliability prediction, using the Search Part function.

Activating the NPRD/EPRD Part Search

To activate a Part Search, click the Search icon on the Parts Table toolbar.

The Search Parts dialog appears.

Searching for NPRD/EPRD Part or Parts

To begin your search, select the Library you want to search from the dropdown list: NPRD, or EPRD. 

Begin by selecting a Category for your search. In the dropdown list for Category, you can type text into the text box at the top to filter the list of Categories. As you type, the Category list will be filtered to show only items that include the text you have entered. For example, you can type in "Cable" and all NPRD categories that include the word "Cable" will be displayed.

You can then optionally enter a Subcategory and/or Type to further refine your search. The Subcategory and Type fields will enable and disable as needed. Not all NPRD/EPRD devices include all three levels of Category, Subcategory, and Type.

Once you have entered the search criteria, click Search to initiate the search. 

The results of the search will be displayed in the results table. You can click through the results table and the Parts Detail window will display the detailed part parameters. (Note: In the trial version, the failure rate data for NPRD/EPRD parts will not be shown.)

When you have located the part or parts you want to insert, select the Insert checkbox in the appropriate row or rows. Click the Insert button to insert the parts into the Parts Table.

Replacing a Part

You can replace a part currently in your Parts Table using the Part Search function as well. 

Click anywhere in the row in your Parts Table of the part you want to replace. Click the Search icon in the toolbar. Perform a search and locate the part you want to replace your current part with. Select the Insert checkbox of the appropriate part and then click the Replace button.

Closing the Part Search

Click Close to close the Search Parts dialog when you have completed using the part search function.